Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tonight is the Night plus a BIG announcement !!

Hey JB WeBB Here posting on Bombshell Body art Blog page for my good buddy Shannon Holt
WJBW will be taking over the reigns of the blog and the Facebook page for Bombshell Body Art while Shannon gets busy with some serious work.For example:
Just this morning she was on The Daily Buzz

So tonight the FIRST episode of #SKINWARS will AIR if you like follow the instructions on this Facebook event to a Watch party and Shannon will be there..

JB will be helping to chronicle Shannon's adventures, so we also open that up to any artists that want to join 
The BIG announcement is....We are proud to announce that we are opening up and the Facebook page of the same name and a podcast of a name yet to be determined as a community for artists and body paint artists as well.
So like the page join up and lets keep convincing the World that ART is the New Rock n Roll... Viva La Indie..JB