Thursday, August 7, 2014

So many pictures so little time

The watch party for the first episode of #skinwars to honor our local rep was such fun and a huge success, so much so Cafe da Vinci is doing it every week until the season ends... Shannon won the first challenge and made us all so proud and excited here are a buttloadoffun of pictures I took cheers @radiojbwebb

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tonight is the Night plus a BIG announcement !!

Hey JB WeBB Here posting on Bombshell Body art Blog page for my good buddy Shannon Holt
WJBW will be taking over the reigns of the blog and the Facebook page for Bombshell Body Art while Shannon gets busy with some serious work.For example:
Just this morning she was on The Daily Buzz

So tonight the FIRST episode of #SKINWARS will AIR if you like follow the instructions on this Facebook event to a Watch party and Shannon will be there..

JB will be helping to chronicle Shannon's adventures, so we also open that up to any artists that want to join 
The BIG announcement is....We are proud to announce that we are opening up and the Facebook page of the same name and a podcast of a name yet to be determined as a community for artists and body paint artists as well.
So like the page join up and lets keep convincing the World that ART is the New Rock n Roll... Viva La Indie..JB

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Here's a nifty little face and body painting modeled by the fabulous, Nastasia Blue! If you recognize her... She was my VERY FIRST professional body painting, at the beginning of this blog,(The Art of Jaw Dropping) way back in 2010~ has it been only 4 years!? This promotion was for the Dia de los Muertos event at the Museum of Art, Deland FL, where I did the Frida Kahlo body paint installation. I also entered it in the Muse Beauty Pro makeup competition for Halloween, and took FIRST PLACE, with over 700 votes on my Facebook! Thank you so much, fans!!! (I won a SWEET little airbrush for beauty makeup, and a every shade of skin tone foundation EVER! Plus, airbrush makeup lessons in LA or Chicago, my choice!) Thank you Muse Beauty Pro, and Kett Makeup!

Thanks also to Ryder Gledhill Photography for this BEAUTIFUL award winning image.

Here are some of my fine art paintings, which show my love of the Dia de los Muertos tradition. For me, it is way more than pop culture. If you're interested in seeing some more of my FINE ART STUFF, you can follow me at
Photography by Ryder Gledhill


I was invited by the Museum of Art, in Deland to do a performance piece for their Dia de los Muertos celebration! Wow, what an honor. I remember coming to Deland twelve years ago, peeking my head inside the door, and asking if I could drop off a resume for consideration. What a wonderful world! Well, of course, I wanted to paint my favorite Mexicana painter, Frida Kahlo. But I had to do something really special for the event. So I looked at her self portraits, and chose one to re-create. Here is the end Result! Thank you model Sara Mendez, and of course, Ryder Gledhill Photography!
First, I found the Frida Kahlo's painting to create the mastercopy from...

Next, I chose a canvas, and decided I didn't want it to be exactly the same... I wanted it to be, "The Spirit of Frida Kahlo" Here is the painting, in back of the model.

The happy ending to this event, is that the painting was purchased (by her amazing husband)as a Christmas present to a wonderful and deserving patron of the arts. Here is a snapshot of my painting in her art studio in her home. It looks as if it were created for the space specifically! I think I WAS channeling the spirit of Frida! And what a sport... she had her face painted at the event with this gorgeous lavender "jaw bone." (brilliant idea, Tash!)

DOUBLE WHAMMY... my OTHER Frida portrait, was purchased by one of the coordinators at the museum, who saw it hanging in Tongue and Groove Gallery. I love it when people give my ART as gifts!!! Photo by Ryder Gledhill

This was actually NOT my first Frida Kahlo body painting! Melissa Drewry Photography hired me about a year ago for this awesome series, "Dia de las Fridas" which was modeled by the beautiful movie stunt woman and warrior, Christina Marie. Brilliantly done, ladies! To see more of Melissa's work, visit her stunning page at

After the model was in place, I went to work, doing traditional style sugar skulls and also some non-traditional face painting! I absolutely LOVE the idea of painting your face, to celebrate/commune with/honor the life of loved ones who have passed away. What a beautiful reason to become someone else for a while...