Thursday, January 23, 2014


Here's a nifty little face and body painting modeled by the fabulous, Nastasia Blue! If you recognize her... She was my VERY FIRST professional body painting, at the beginning of this blog,(The Art of Jaw Dropping) way back in 2010~ has it been only 4 years!? This promotion was for the Dia de los Muertos event at the Museum of Art, Deland FL, where I did the Frida Kahlo body paint installation. I also entered it in the Muse Beauty Pro makeup competition for Halloween, and took FIRST PLACE, with over 700 votes on my Facebook! Thank you so much, fans!!! (I won a SWEET little airbrush for beauty makeup, and a every shade of skin tone foundation EVER! Plus, airbrush makeup lessons in LA or Chicago, my choice!) Thank you Muse Beauty Pro, and Kett Makeup!

Thanks also to Ryder Gledhill Photography for this BEAUTIFUL award winning image.

Here are some of my fine art paintings, which show my love of the Dia de los Muertos tradition. For me, it is way more than pop culture. If you're interested in seeing some more of my FINE ART STUFF, you can follow me at
Photography by Ryder Gledhill